Launching User Orientated Architecture (UOA) inspired me to share why Big Data success depends on IT platform choice, what factors to consider and how to frame the solution.

Who are the leaders?

Some have developed their Big Data operations on the strategy of “more data beats better algorithms”.

Internet companies are largely data mining factories using technology to solve business problems that many other industries have not yet even identified. This suggests that considering the choices and path already successfully trodden by them will provide great bounty in your home patch.

Being data-driven has meant that Internet companies:

– Have been leading for longer than you think, check out the date of this article

– Work at ever-increasing scale

– Are the market leaders in mobile too

What are the key strategic considerations ?

The reality for many businesses is that their data and its value will grow, and a key competitive differentiator is the quality of strategy in moving the whole enterprise towards Big Data being business-as-usual.

As data and usage grow any flaws in platform strategy will be cruelly exposed, so complex technologies and processes need to be properly managed and evolved.

“Make or buy” is a recognised decision point, one that drives strategy far too much in some organisations to the detriment of what is the best solution mix. Many of the world’s biggest server farms are Cloud-based which provides compelling economies of scale opportunities, provided that the solution and external partnerships lend themselves to an effective plug and play approach.

But be careful not to get swayed by making a platform decision solely focused on financial considerations.

How do I make my platform choice?

There are a number of core strands to consider when deciding on platform choice for your Big Data strategy. These of course include scalability and cost, but also areas such as whether a managed service would be beneficial or even required.

The Triangle of Choices for Big Data platforms © enables structured decision making – clients can take an informed decision on positioning their solution mix within the triangle and understand the trade-offs and the configuration of internal resource and external partnerships required to get them there.

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