Recent events highlight fundamental changes in communication that affect us all.

Electronic messages from world leaders now bypass traditional media channels to communicate directly with millions. What are the implications ?

Business has historically used computers to perform calculations, automate tasks and exchange messages such as emails , documents and payments.

Maybe politics has overtaken business in its sophistication of competing on messages by using:

  • Straight through processing – creating original media content that is directly distributed and consumed
  • The massive audience size of key influencers to drown out others
  • Priority and visibility of messages to set the political and economic agenda
  • Mass data capture to capture, understand and manage people’s reactions

How might this affect all of us ? Political views aside

  • With short messages the choice of each and every word becomes more impactful and scrutinised
  • Shorter messages are more open to interpretation than dialogue with more context and background
  • Communication becomes less about information or exchanging views and more one-way statements
  • Pictures and media accompanying tweets may become as important as words
  • The “message winners” will be those who find relevant messages with common appeal
  • Communication providers are effectively deciding how society will orientate its communication

Food for thought – as always your comments and views are welcome…