Using big data insights, we chart the best path towards commercial growth.

Strategy with Delivery (SWD)

We map global analytics trends to your needs, generate strategy and deliver operationalised big data products for businesses.

Building Analytics Capability (BAC)

Applying an industry leading methodology, we can help you build an internal centre of excellence for analytics and big data.

Results By Data (RBD)

Rapid data exploration uses cutting-edge tools to identify and seize performance improvements in pricing, product design and personalisation.


We can start generating value for your business at the click of a mouse and use data intellect to leverage the power of big data so that you don’t have to worry about managing complex technologies.


Getting to the heart of your financials to allow you to make the best decisions can be a highly complex process.

Financial statements and management accounts provide totals that are often the sum of diverse customers with different products at different prices that may have been supported by different operational configurations. Revenue, cost and impairment can therefore be a complicated issue.

To help provide clarity, we develop advanced financial models with calculation depth that offers 100% accuracy whilst remaining transparent, fast and robust. Applying world-class modelling algorithms, we also connect actual and fact-based analysis, financial evaluations and forecasts. Most importantly, you will know exactly where facts stop and inference starts.